Monday, November 24, 2008

Scenes of Start-Up Camp KL 2008

Start-Up Camp KL 2008 camp and went by in a blink of an eye..
a jam-packed, thought provoking event full of interesting sharing sessions and talks and jokes and games..
definitely looking forward for next year's Start-Up Camp.
Here are some pics from the event:


  1. Hi Nurul,
    Noticed that you said you were a part of Patric Chan's Chan Do Chartered membership. Me too. :) Just wanna know if you've downloaded the Inside My Internet Business Case Study (October) & Consultation Call (November) yet. Because I've tried downloading several times & after trying to unzip them, the files were corrupted. Just wanna know if it is just me or the files are actually ok. So how's your download? Is it ok?

    P.S: Gotta go now, I'm going to see Madagascar 2 & Storm Riders @ KLCC. :)

  2. hi marcus..
    i didnt join patric's membership program..just so happen 2 meet him at smart seminar.