Monday, April 6, 2009

Barcamp KL 2009

I just attended Bar Camp KL over the weekend.

Barcamp this year has so many more sessions than last yr, that at times I wish I can split myself into three.

Even the number of participants probably doubled, though half the crowd were gone on the second day.

Some of the sessions were really informative and enriching, whilst others were just pure waste of time.

It was funny to see when someone trying to promote travel MLM-style business opportunity, and more than half of the people walked out in the middle of the talk.

That's one thing I liked about barcamp...the FREEDOM !
you are free to walk in and out anytime, ask questions and debate and share your thoughts with attendees and presenters.

Not only breakfast / tea break, free t-shirt, free parking. Only sad thing this free lunch and free bags.

Barcamp is a real great place to get motivated, as you see young entrepreneurs who are so lucky to be able to escape the political/ bureaucratic 9-5 corporate jobs.

I longed for the day for me to have that freedom too...

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