Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Credit Card Service Tax..its here whether you like it or not

Service Tax for credit cards has finally been imposed as at 1 Jan 2010.
Thankfully it will only be charged on the anniversary date.

Indirectly, its also a way for us who have many credit cards to use this as a way to consolidate and simplify our life.

So what have I done to avoid being charged service tax?
- Cancelled my citibank Air Asia card in Dec 2009 [anniversary date: Jan]
- Cancelled my HSBC Master card in Dec 2009 [anniversary date: July]
- Applied for new MBF card with 0% bal transfer deal for 12 mnths in Dec 2009
- Redeem almost all my points on Standard Chartered Credit Card
- Cancelled MBB Petronas Visa card in Dec 2009
- Cancelled MBB Ikhwan Amex card in Dec 2009
- Cancelled my Alliance Ikea card in Jan 2010 [anniversary date: Feb]

Moving forward, i need to do the following to avoid the credit card service tax:
- To cancel MBF lady card in April 2010
- To redeem HSBC points and cancel HSBC Visa card in June 2010

Am still contemplating whether to cancel the following:
- Maybank Petronas Visa Ikhwan card [very tempted to cancel apart from the thought in case I need to sign up 0% EPP plans in future and maybank always accepted everywhere]
- Std Chartered Visa card [coz they have sure-win contests which I hv won RM50 last yr, and iPod this year]

I will keep and endure the RM50 service charge on the MBB Gold AMEX card, as that gives the best deal. 5x points on grocery,bookstore purchase & petrol, 3x points for autopay mobile bill, 2x points for other purchase.

What have you done to avoid being charged service tax?

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