Saturday, December 12, 2009

When will Service Tax on Credit Card be imposed?

I have been googling around to find the exact date when the service tax on credit cards will take effect? However, there seems to be unclear information from the government til now.

Have called the banks to ask, their answer is to wait. no need to cancel your card yet.
But how long to wait? cancellation doesnt take effect when want to cancel also must strategise properly.

This is agonising! RM50 per card is unnecessary money to waste. That can pay 30 days of my breakfast every morning.

The only good thing is MBF have announced that they will cover the RM50 service tax. So if you want to save some cash, can apply MBF cards. Not only that, they have even came up with the 0% power balance transfer offer, as long as you spend minimum RM300 per month.
So if you've got to pay telco/utilities bills /petrol..then RM300 can easily be met.
Heck...if can delay payment & invest your cash instead..why not right?

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